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Drink Water, Fight Fat?

If you choose a glass of water instead of a beer or a sugar-sweetened soda at least once a day, you can reduce your risk of obesity, a new study claims.

Researchers followed almost 16,000 adults in Spain for an average of 8.5 years. None were obese at the start of the study. During that study, almost 900 participants became obese.

7 Things to Do on Sunday to Make the Rest of the Week a Lot Easier

Let’s face it, Mondays kinda suck. Even Sunday afternoons can turn sour as we anticipate the workweek ahead. More than three-quarters of people say they get the pre-work “Sunday blues,” according to a recent poll. Starting your Monday feeling sad, anxious, and unorganized is hardly the way to kick off a healthy week.

Drinking Red Wine Every Night Can Help You Sleep Better and Live Longer

A new study says that vino with dinner is good for you in multiple ways. So, here's to your health.

We hear a lot of conflicting thoughts about drinking. On the one hand, alcohol consumption can put a strain on your liver function and is believed to contribute to certain forms of cancer. On the other hand, doctors say that alcohol in moderation helps you relax and relieve stress, which is crucial for a healthy mind and body.

Eat less, live longer!

A VERY low calorie diet could be the key to a long and healthy life, according to new research.

If we want to live longer, we should apparently be eating less [GETTY]

Eating less can boost healthier ageing by protecting the body’s cells from harmful deterioration and the risk of cancer.

Scientists know an extreme diet does not appeal to many people but say their discovery could lead to ways of mimicking its effects and pave the way for an “anti-ageing pill”.

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